Accommodations as diverse as the wildlife outside their doors.

When Mr. Williamson purchased this property, the Pansy Poe Cottage was its only living quarters. Today, while the cottage still stands, it has been totally renovated and joined by three other classes of accommodations as well.

Thereʼs the 3,600 sq. ft. Honey Lake Lodge, ideal for large families or groups that want to stay close together. There are the Five Pines and Two Oaks Cottages, each over 1,600 sq. ft. and featuring lakeview suites. And thereʼs the Equestrian Lodge, a 24-room luxury hotel building outfitted with all the comforts of home at this plantation resort.


Trophy Lodge

Situated in the heart of the resort lies Honey Lake Lodge, just steps from Lake Obo and nearby Ryanʼs River. This is really two accommodations in one, with the Premier King Suite able to be rented separately from, or together with, the 5-bedroom expanse of the lodgeʼs main quarters.

Pansy Poe Cottage

With a location right along the banks of Honey Lake, itʼs easy to see why Pansy Poe chose this as the place to build her residence when she founded Honey Lake Plantation in the early 1900ʼs. Now, itʼs still one of the best ways to experience what life was like back then, and what it remains like today.

Five Pines & Two Oaks Cottages

Named for the species of native pines and oaks found on our property, these cottages feature a classic plantation-style appearance from the outside, and identical luxuries within.

Equestrian Lodge

Simple yet sophisticated, the Equestrian Lodge features 24 guestrooms, each boasting a King or two Queen beds and plenty of space to unwind.

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